What To Expect


Sunday - 10AM Service

We Look Forward To Meeting You!

Our Service starts at 10am, though not always sharply! We are not interested in the mundane order of things just to rush you out to bring others in. But we do respect peoples time and we do have structure only as long as it does not quench the Holy Spirit


Shifting Atmospheres is what we expect. Abba Father is most powerful, and His Presence overcomes all things. So we invite all to come and expierence His Goodness and His presence.

Our building is an old but Historic building.

It is on the corner of Galena and Root in the heart of Aurora, IL. It was the Mayor of Aurora’s house in the late 1800s. Since then it was an American Legion, and various other churches until the Vineyard took it over. 

Once inside we have the Vineyard Café, where we have coffee. It’s a small area, so be prepared to have multiple people greet you. Our service usually runs 2 hours. You will experience the Holy Spirit here. We believe the Holy Spirit is alive and well today and we have the same Kingdom privileges that the apostles had during their ministries. When we worship we do it prophetically, when we pray we pray with expectation, when we sing we sing to our Father. We embody a wholehearted approach to loving God and each other. Passion is the current here. 

We dismiss out kids after worship to our NEXGEN children’s program. We believe our kids are not a side dish, but the main course. Jesus said we had to become like them to enter into His Kingdom, so we speak to them as adults, teach them as adults, and show them how powerful they can be. So expect to see kids to pray for healings and miracles in our church. They have the goods.

 Each service, after worship we engage in a time of offering as well as announcing upcoming events. We also celebrate the Lord’s Supper. It is available every week, and periodically, the Spirit moves us to do it collectively. After this time we receive the weekly message from our Senior Pastor, Mark Torres, as well as hosting visiting speakers on a frequent basis. Our sermons are rooted in scripture and rooted in Jesus, always Jesus. 

We close our service in a time of worship and prayer simultaneously. We do have a ministry team, but we want to move into a space where we all embody the significance of each individuals importance to the Kingdom. No one person is so special that he/she is the only one that can minister. But we do have a team of trusted elders/leaders available throughout the service to provide prayer.