Sunday - 10AM Service


505 E Galena Blvd
Aurora, IL 60505



Message from the Pastor

Get ready for a new normal. The Supernatural ministry Jesus empowered is alive and well today. We will no longer allow the world to dictate how we talk, walk, live, and how we do faith. our faith has to be constant in him, and not in moments. holy spirit is assembling his saints and he will unleash a movement of god to combat evil and usher in the oneness needed to become his bride.                                                                                                                                              are you ready? Have you surrendered to hear his voice?    

We are called to be Kings and Priests. it is time that we take up the mantle of a co-heir, of a son, of a king, of a priest that is keen to the slightest impressions of the holy spirit, that tastes the sweetness of jesus. we are empowered as sons and daughters to lead and serve. we Are not to be powerless and blind, always waiting for a man to tell us what to do.                                                                                                                      he is calling sons and daughters forth to operate in perfect love.                                                                                       

Senior Pastor

Mark Torres